James recorded several different solo singles, usually under another name. The singles he recorded were under the names of Jimmy Burton, Jim and Joe, Jimmy Dobro. James also recorded two singles with The Shindogs.

Jim and Joe:

Jim and Joe stands for James Burton and Joe Osborn (Ricky Nelson’s bass player).
‘Fireball Mail’/’Daisy Mae’ 1963 Fabor 124-A
‘Fireball Mail’/’Bimbo’ 1963 Fabor 124-B

Jimmy Dobro:

‘Swamp Surfer’/’Everybody Listens to the Dobro’ 1963 Philips 40137

James Burton and Ralph Mooney:

‘Corn Pickin”/Texas Waltz’ 1968 Capitol 2140

Jimmy Burton:

‘Love Lost’/’Jimmy’s Blues’ 1965 Miramar 108

The Shindogs:

‘Someday, Someday’/’Why’ 1966 Warner 6165
‘Who Do You Think You Are’/’Yes, I’m Coming Home’ 1967 Fontana TF790

Buddy Cagle recorded the single “Guitar Player” in 1969 as a tribute to James. James played lead guitar on this single. It was released on the Imperial Label.