• James Burton Telecaster (Upgrade)

    James Burton Telecaster (Upgrade)

    Like its brother, the James Burton Standard Telecaster guitar, the James Burton Telecaster pays homage to the legendary guitarist. Features include a basswood body with “fiery” finish, U-shaped ’60s neck, three special-design James Burton pickups, special five-way Strat-o-Tele switching, gold-plated Fender/Schaller® deluxe cast/sealed tuning machines with pearl or black chrome buttons, and gold hardware.

  • Artist Signature Series

    Artist Signature Series

    The James Burton Telecaster is loaded with modern features yet retains the classic Tele sound and feel that James likes. It has a special 5-way “Strat-o-Tele” switching. It also has James’ initials on it.

  • James Burton Standard Telecaster

    James Burton Standard Telecaster

    When James started out, he replaced his strings with banjo strings because they didn’t make the strings he wanted for guitar players. He was the first to do so. Until this day, James uses these unusual gauges: .009, .010, .012, .024, .032 and .038. James doesn’t only pick with a guitar pick, but he also uses a metal fingerpick on his middle finger.

  • Carved Telecaster

    This beautiful Telecaster was specially carved for James by Doug Rowell in 1972. Click here for a picture of James with this guitar on stage with Elvis.

Watch a video of James explaining about his signature model and the strings he uses.