Bob Luman

In 1957, James was working on the Louisiana Hayride, a very well known radio show at the time. There he met Bob Luman. The band was called ‘The Shadows’ and consisted of James Burton on lead guitar, James Kirkland on bass and Butch White on drums. Together with Luman, they made a movie in Hollywood, Carnival Rock. It was in Hollywood where Ricky Nelson first heard them rehearse and decided to hire them for his own band.

The following records were recorded by Luman with The Shadows:

Blue Days, Black Nights – Imperial (1956)
Bring Along Your Lovin’ – Imperial (1956)
All Night Long / Red Cadillac and a Red Moustache – Imperial 8311 (1957)
Wild-Eyed Woman / Amarillo Blues – Imperial (1957)
Red Hot / Whenever You’re Ready – Imperial 8313 (1957)
Your Love / Make Up Your Mind Baby – Imperial 8315 (1957)
No Use in Lyin’ – Imperial (1957)
That’s All Right With Me – Imperial (1957)
Hello Baby – Imperial (1957)
This is the Night – Imperial (1957)
Maybelline – Epic 10581
Mystery Train – (1974)

The following records were recorded by The Shadows:
Jumping with the Shadows
Shadow Rock
The Creep

Bobby Lee Trammell was also on the Louisiana Hayride when he met James Burton. He took him and bassplayer James Kirkland to California to record ‘Shirley Lee’ and ‘I Sure Do Love You Baby’ in 1957. Ricky Nelson later covered this song with Burton and Kirkland.

  • Bob Luman At Town Hall Party (1958)

    Bob Luman At Town Hall Party (1958)Here are priceless performances filmed during the Town Hall Party show, broadcast every Saturday night in the Compton suburb of Los Angeles. On this DVD, Bob Luman performs on shows taped on Sept. 21st & 27th, 1958, as well as Oct. 4th & 25th 1958.

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  • Carnival Rock (1957)

    Carnival Rock (1957)Christy runs a rock and roll nightclub on a carnival pier with his righ-hand-man Benny. Christy has a crush on the club’s star, Natalie Cook, but she has eyes for Stanley, a local business man, who wants to buy out the club. When the club is sold and Christy is asked to stay on, as a party clown, he plots to destroy the club and abduct Natalie away from Stanley.

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  • Albums

    Bob Luman Rocks – His 50’s Recordings
    That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 8.