Message from James

Calling All Fans:

The James Burton Foundation is happy to announce that through donations from people like you we now have the funds available to acquire the equipment to develop a first-class recording studio in the Foundation office. With this studio we will be providing instruction & training for the children we support with our guitars. Even though we have raised the funds for the equipment, we are still in need of donations for construction of the studio.

We graciously accept all contributions and welcome a donation in memory of someone or on someone’s behalf.

The James Burton Foundation donates guitars to music programs in various schools throughout the United States. We also donate to children’s hospitals, children in the foster care system, abused and neglected children, and to Veterans’ hospitals. In the future, we hope to expand out program to be able to provide services for other children in need.

Music is a vital part of any child’s life and can be a catalyst to a healthy, positive and productive adult life. This recording studio is just a small part of what the James Burton Foundation has and will continue to offer to children.

You can make your donations through my cause right here on Facebook with this link or you can mail in a donation to the James Burton Foundation , 714 Elvis Presley Avenue, Shreveport Louisiana 71101. Thank you for your kindness and if you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (318) 424-5000.

We cannot do this without your support.

God Bless You,

James Burton