Ronnie Tutt

We are in shock 😭 💔.

Top of the list drummer, amazing work with any top recording artists and live shows.

The James Burton and Friends show in Nashville, to our knowledge, was the last show that Ronnie played and it was truly an honor to have him give of his talents to the James Burton Foundation to give guitars to kids and vets.  His playing on this show was INCREDIBLE.   ⚡️TCB⚡️

Playing together over the years was so much fun, it was like a hand in a glove.  We knew exactly how to play off each other.

You bet I will always miss him!!! 🥁🎸

The wonderful thing is that we know for sure Ronnie is in heaven with God and his family, Elvis and friends.

What a joy for his family to have this knowledge and we love all of them so much. 🙏✝️😇

The James Burton Family