Prayers needed

Everyone we need all of our prayer warriors to lift up our close friend JS as he is in critical condition. We know that God does hear our prayers and that prayers work on a regular basis. We asked you to pray for Jodi, a Mother of a 3 year old. She had breast cancer and now they can not find cancer in her body. We asked you to pray for Hayden, a 4 year old with 3 cancerous brain tubers at St Jude and he has no cancer now and the tumors were removed. We need world prayer now for JS…pray with faith and BELIEVE that your prayers will be answered . You only need faith the size of a mustard seed!!! Thank you and God bless you!!! James and Louise


I want to make this clear that James Burton is NOT the one who we are asking prayers for. James is doing just fine, However, JS is a family member and that’s why we are asking for the prayer warriors and all fans to keep JS in your prayers. There are a number of things going on with JS right now to include a bad staff infection, kidneys have been shutting down and other issues. Prayer will work and that’s why the Burton family has asked me to reach out to you all. Please share this with your friends and let’s get worldwide prayer going now. We will keep you updated as information becomes available. On behalf of James…thank you and God bless!!!