Message from James regarding the cruise

I will NOT be on the Dennis Jale & TCB Cruise September 2014 with Red West.

I have always enjoyed performing with Dennis and all the guys. No one could ask for a better person to work with.

I would like to say that as a Christian, I forgave Red West for writing his book years ago. This has nothing to do with forgiveness.
I also respected him for going ahead with his life and becoming a great actor and was excited to see him in movies and TV.

I do think anyone who wrote a terrible book about another person should not be making money off of that person.

Please note that Ronnie, Glen and I have NEVER written a “TELL ALL” book about the hundreds of artists that we have worked for.
We still could and would make thousands of dollars from this type of book. I would NEVER become this low of a person.
This would NOT be pleasing to GOD.

I do NOT work with people that do anything negative against Elvis. Please understand that Elvis was my FRIEND, not just another artist
that I have worked with. I know how EXTREMELY STRESSED Elvis was before this book came out.
At the funeral, the people I spoke to were blaming this book for Elvis’ death and said his high stress level added to his fatal heart attack.
I am sure if someone did something negative to you, your family or your friends you would feel the same way, especially if death was the end result.

I feel we ALL should be loyal to Elvis (not Red West), but that’s everyone’s own choice.

GOD BLESS YOU, James Burton.